Cake Crumbs (Slime Level: advance)- the only texture that's available in our shop and not anywhere else! Ultra soft and sizzly mimicking the texture of cake crumbs! The best way that we can describe it is an ultra soft snow-fizz!

Cloud Creme (Slime Level: great for beginners)- a dense doughly-like texture that has instant snow, easy to stretch and a great texture for handling.

Cloud Dough (Slime Level: high recommend for beginners)- similar texture to cloud creme but has air dry clay, it's denser and great for warmer hands.

Icee (Slime Level: advance)- clear glue base slime with expanded instant snow, it makes amazing sizzles and feels just like real snow! Due to the amount of water contain in this texture- it will have some residue and wetness.

Dry Icee (Slime Level: mild)- similar to our "icee" slime, this "dry" version has less residue and moisture. 

Stretchy Ice Cream (Slime Level: great for beginners)- an ultra soft and creamy (light) wood glue cloud cream texture that is amazing to stretch an make sizzles. Inspired by the texture of "stretchy ice cream". 

Milk Bubbles (Slime Level: non-tacky, great for beginners)- a silky and smooth half floam slime made with various types of glues including wood glue. It makes amazing bubble pops and loud asmrs.

Whipped Foam (Slime Level: mild)- a wood glue puff slime with a hint of instant snow- starts out tough with a slight residue. Puff up into a fluffy and sizzly clay slime.

Sizzly Softie (Slime Level: advance)- hybrid texture of a smooth clay slime topped with a sizzly icee slime. Once mixed the two textures, it turns into a soft butter icee cloud creme texture that feels super soft an sizzly

Fizzly Softie (Slime Level: advance)hybrid texture of a snow-fizz with clay slime at the bottom slime topped with a sizzly icee slime. 

Tofu Pudding (Slime Level: great for beginners)- nonstick thickly (thick + jiggly) slime that feels like real pudding- this texture is coated which means it's not tacky or stick to hands when inflated.

Frozen Yogurt/ Froyo (Slime Level: mild)-  sizzly instant snow with a small amount of clay added. Ultra soft and sizzly! 

Gummi Gloss  (Slime Level: great for beginners)- ultra thick slime that has a "gummy-like" like texture. Great for handling.