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Add-in(s): fruit box charm, 1.5oz clear slime with add ins

Scent: rainbow sherbet (new scent!)

Texture: crunchy half floam slime



• You may receive a different container than the product image. The size/ volume of both containers are the same.

• Textures/ colors and such may mix during transit.

• Make sure you are putting the correct shipping address when checking out. Once we ship your order, we are unable to change your address. Have a look at our policies

• Floam beads add-in like packing peanuts, marshmallow beads will crush/ shrink over time.

• Color on the photo(s) and the slime you receive might be slightly different due to the lighting or batches of slime.

• Certain slimes contain wood glue will not be stretchy at first due to its nature. Warming it up with your hands for a few minutes will solve the issue straight away! :)

• Every order will come with an extra baggy (includes: borax baggie, thank you & information card for slime care)

• Read our FAQ and Policies

For further information about slime care, visit this page.

*WarningDO NOT EAT or purchase if you are allergic to any ingredients below 

Slime Contains: PVA glue, borax 

Also Include: soft dry clay, food coloring, shaving foam, skin-safe fragrance oil, craft materials, etc...


All products, clay pieces, big batches are handling and made with gloves.

All surfaces are disinfected with sanitizing wipes.

*WarningDO NOT EAT or purchase if you are allergic to any ingredients below 

Slime Contains: PVA glue, borax 

Also Include: soft dry clay, food coloring, shaving foam, skin-safe fragrance oil, craft materials, etc...



Over here at Lime Slimes Company. We try our best to do our part to help mother nature! We encouraged you to do the same!

• All slime containers can be washed and reuse to store beauty/ household products. We made sure to use "peal-able" stickers on our containers for this purpose.

• Packaging items like cardboard-boxes, water activated tape, tissue paper are recyclable and biodegradable

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Monica Guthrie

I have bought this slime now 4 times because I am obsessed and my sister and friends keep stealing it! I will continue to buy this exact slime till you stop selling it!! From the amazing smell that makes you want to eat it to the incredible texter and pops it makes. Hands down my favorite slime and Favorite slime company!

New Here

This one smells sweet like candy. I like thick and glossy slimes and the assorted foams in this one gave it a nice texture. Pretty base color, and colorful fimos. Makes for a nice sensory experience. Very playful slime. I would definitely recommend for those into floam slimes!

Emily Neitzel
New Fav Slime Company

This was my first purchase from lime slime. I wanted to purchase from this company after a reviewer rated lime slime her top slime shop of 2022. I couldn't agree more and immediately decided to purchase again. Delivery with this company was so much faster then other "bigger" slime companies. The quality of this slime was amazing but the scent is also something to be mentioned..its SO GOOD! I will say I ordered this slime in December and I live in Wisconsin which meant this slime did freeze. I let it sit for a couple days to accumulate before playing with it. All it needed was a drop of activator, but had it not froze my guess is I wouldn't have needed anything. There is zero fall out of any of the charms, or foam pieces. My kids also all have pretty severe sensory processing disorders and we use slime daily to calm them. They are pretty particular about touch and scent obviously, I can say with certainty this is our new go to slime company!

Karla Soriano

I finally got it today and it’s so so adorable I love the little details!! It smells fruity and sweet. It also Inflated a lot with the clear pink slime <3

Mary Ann K

Smells so good and makes the best bubble pops! Love the cute charms and add ins too.


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